Chocolates by Tomes Waterfront shop is getting a facelift

So, a few months ago, I went along to a meeting with the Waterfront to discuss our new lease. I arrived and we sat down to discuss terms. As our discussions continued along, the Waterfront said, “We’d like you to renovate the shop.”

“Sure.” I said, “We were thinking about changing the colour of the walls.”

There was silence, I was a little anxious, then the Waterfront laughed…a lot, I became more anxious! Once they had picked themselves up from the floor, the Waterfront described the extent of the renovations; new shop front, new interior, basically gutting the shop and starting again.

I said, “Great, you’re putting in a new shop front.” and smiled.

They smiled, like Lion’s smile when they chose the one to be slaughtered. “No, you are.”

Like the one soon to be slaughtered, I panicked a little inside.

So began the months of planning, the concept, the plans, the colours, the lights, the fire detection systems, the fire prevention systems, the air conditioning, it was endless. Fortunately, our hand was tightly held by Brendan of Salient Design.

He held it tighter, when he gave us the final budget “Don’t worry.” He said. “Sell that kidney, you only require one!”

After my kidney was removed and whilst recovering in hospital, Brendan visited me. Through a drug infused haze, I saw the bag of grapes in his hand and heard him say “Good news, the budget has been reduced, this kidney business wasn’t required after all….oh, too soon? er, grape?”

I increased my drug intake and drifted off.

Once the concept had been approved and the plans agreed, we set about finding a shop fitter to do the deed. Unfortunately, we had left it rather late, with only 6 weeks remaining to complete the renovations before the cut off period. Fortunately, Dawood, of Multishop, stepped up to the plate. “No problem, we can get this done.” He said.

“How’s the Kidney?” He asked.
“Tender.” I said.
“Hmmm and your liver?”
“I only have one of those!”
“Yes, that’s a shame.” He said.

So on 30th October 2016, we shut the doors and stripped the shop of all those things that make our customers drool with delight, they cried, a lot.

And here we are, this is what the shop currently looks like, bereft of fixtures.

To be continued….