To the V & A Waterfront! Time for an adventure to Chocolates by Tomes.

There can be no sweeter delight than the delight of visiting a chocolate store. Whether you are two or eighty-two a visit to milky chocolate goodness ought to be on your bucket list. We’ve heard your pleas for a taste of the finer more crafty chocolate kind.

Nestled in the heart of the Victoria and Alfred (V & A) Waterfront is our Willy Wonka-esque confectionery store with a hint of African class called Chocolates by Tomes. At our store, we pride ourselves on producing only the finest and tastiest artisanal chocolates, hazelnutty as well as soft nougat, fantastical fudge, ambrosial caramel treats, deeply rich chocolate brownies, and gourmet chocolaty biscuits specifically crafted at the hands of our expert chocolate makers. All our chocolates are handcrafted with care and taste consideration using ingredients sourced from the African continent.

Our store shop number 6198 situated on the ground floor has been decorated in such a way that it looks like an African masterpiece that has come alive with minimal colours such as browns and whites with just a sudden splash of red. The milky brown shelving on the right-hand side of the store mimics chocolate bars and automatically takes over your inner chocolate cravings. Our bakery section which showcases baked confectionary through sheer glass adds an industrious feel to our store breaching the divide between our younger and older chocolate lovers. Glass jars neatly placed on top of our counters offer charming confectionary which will catch your eyes before they even catch the full attention of your taste buds. The store is delicately packed to allow you to find any form of dark or milk chocolate goodness that you may be in search of.

Heaven is attainable through your taste buds. At Chocolates by Tomes at the V & A Waterfront, we bring these heavenly delicacies to you! Silky smooth chocolates made from African Cocoa beans and a hint of African vanilla to increase the experience of indulging in the best kind of heaven for those melt in your mouth moments. African Cocoa has a rich flavour unlike cocoa sourced anywhere in the world so it’s no wonder why foreign visitors frequent our store so often.