Refund policy
Please choose carefully. The Luxury Chocolate Company (Pty) Ltd t/a Chocolates By Tomes does not normally give refunds with regards to goods being supplied if you simply change your mind or make the wrong decision. You can choose between a refund or exchange where goods are defective within the warranty period (see expiry date) or within 10 business days the goods are wrongly described or are different from the sample shown to you. If the products/items purchased are not up to standard, the defective items must immediately be reported to management or the owners. We can assume that half eaten and/or depleted products were within the standard as required.

Cancellation policy
We require a deposit of 50% to confirm the order. We may impose a cancellation fee in the event of cancellation before the date of delivery. The fee will depend on the nature of the order, the length of notice of cancellation before delivery, the reasonable potential to find alternative clients for the order and the reason for cancellation. No refunds on deposits will be allowed in the event of cancellation for Special-Order Goods that have already been ordered/made, unless if agreed by mutual consent.

Delivery policy
The client is responsible for the collection of the goods at the business physical address unless otherwise agreed. We can arrange delivery on behalf of the client.

If we arrange a delivery on behalf of the client, it will be at the client’s cost depending on the area of delivery and the risk of handling the goods will be on the client as soon as the goods are placed on the delivery vehicle. The client must arrange their own insurance in this regard. We will communicate unavoidable delay in the delivery.

Risk warning
Although all possible care is taken, there is a risk involved in the manufacturing of handmade edible/consumable goods as it is possible that the finished product could contain items that were not intended for the consumer. We will not be responsible for any damages beyond our reasonable control.

By signing this document, the customer, acknowledges that the items received are in good order and that he/she is fully satisfied with the manner whereby the goods were delivered as well as the packaging thereof (if applicable), as per the inspection conducted by him-/herself. The customer further agrees that the goods satisfy the requirements as per the order placed.

The customer further undertakes to not claim a refund or remedy and accepts full responsibility should the goods be damaged due to gross negligence or failure to adhere to the correct storage instructions/conditions. The consequences whereof would justify a void warranty claim.

The customer further accepts that should the goods not be of a good quality, be defective or not reasonably suitable for the purpose for which they are generally intended, that he/she will immediately inform the supplier and promptly claim a refund or remedy, provided that the best before dates and storage instructions were followed as per the instructions.