Sugar-free, low calorie chocolate as delicious as can be by Chocolates by Tomes.

Dessert of the gods, food for the soul, chocolate is a divine gift capable of mending whatever might be hurting the soul. Chocolate is capable of reminding you of pleasant moments, achievements and celebrations.

However, such a divine food can have unwanted consequences, especially for those who have diabetes. That’s why Chocolates by Tomes has designed a sugar-free range of our very own using our unique African Origin sugar-free chocolate.

Removing the sugar seems pretty disappointing, but it’s not! Our sugar-free chocolate range is packed full of flavour and is still sweet enough to deliver that delicious chocolate taste we all love.

Chocolates by Tomes, like most other chocolate manufacturers, uses maltitol as a sweetener and sugar substitute.

Chocolates by Tomes offers you a range of truffles and bars all made with our African Origin Sugar-Free chocolate, presented as a gift in our luxurious packaging.

We also supply our African Origin Sugar-Free chocolate in discs, perfect for the home baker.

Chocolates by Tomes African Origin Sugar -Free chocolate, for those who want all the decadence of chocolate but who are sweet enough not to need the sugar.

Whatever your heart desires, we can give it to you without too much of the consequences.