Look at the dazzling variety of delights from Chocolates by Tomes to impress your Easter Bunny

It is the time of the year when everyone is hopping around and on the hunt for enchantingly delicious chocolate creations to celebrate Easter.  We have the perfect place to find the most egg-celent chocolate bunnies including the famous Rupert along with some sweet friends like Bob, Billy, Lulu and Harry.

All these egg-ceptional bunnies and much more are specially made by Chocolates by Tomes one of the most intriguingly delectable chocolatier stores around today. The bunnies however, aren’t the only thing to look forward to. There are so many other products to choose from in this collection, you can fill up your giant Easter basket for the whole family.

Stock a half egg with 30 truffles for the grandparents, me and my chick bunnies for your significant other, hollow eggs in a gift box for mommy and daddy and not forgetting half baby eggs for Suzie and Sarah. Or if you’re in the sharing spirit and prefer buying one treat big enough for the whole family (even the neighbours can join in), try the 7kg chocolate hunk XXXL Egg in a basket and get the best sugar rush of your life.

What would Easter be without the beautiful and colourful wrapped bunnies and eggs? Just another long weekend to laze around… This traditional holiday should be spent with family and friends, so make it even sweeter by purchasing the best products the market has to offer. No need to wait for the Easter bunny to make the rounds, rush round to Chocolates by Tomes and this year become the Easter bunny yourself, you’ll be adored

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