sugar free chocolates

Indulge in a Range of Sugar Free Treats.

Attention! Attention!

Chocolates by Tomes has some sweet satisfying news to shout about. If you suffer from that “sweet tooth bug” but worry about your sugar “bill”, worry no more! With our new and extensive range of decadently luxurious sugar free chocolates, you can spoil yourself without the guilt.

We haven’t compromised on taste or quality, so leading a sugar free lifestyle doesn’t have to be bland and without luxury. In fact, we believe our sugar free is the best tasting sugar free chocolate you can buy.

You can choose from milk and dark chocolate disks, truffles, milk and dark chocolate fingers. We have included popular truffles from our normal range and made them sugar free, like the double chocolate mousse truffle and the espresso truffle. The list of products goes on and on.

Want to give that special someone in your life a beautiful chocolate gift without ruining their diet, surprise them with a sugar free 9 or 24 piece gift box collection. And for those unexpected moments, when the munchies creep up on you try our sugar free chocolate slabs and fingers.

Late at night, if you’re longing for a relaxing, warm drink, try our sugar free dark or milk chocolate hot shots, just dissolve in warm milk, sip and relax.

With our extensive range the possibilities are endless. These delicious products are real treats for people that desire a chocolate something that is full of taste but not full of sugar.

So make Chocolate by Tomes your go to shop for the most delicious sugar free chocolate confectioneries.

our Sugar Free range