Find out how a chocolate a day could keep the doctor away!

Sticking to a diet? Have you always felt guilty about your ‘unhealthy’ chocolate love-affair? The health benefits associated with chocolate – especially pure dark chocolate – means that you don’t have to stop the love or feel the guilt!

The ancient Mesoamerican people harvested and consumed the cocoa plant for over 4,000 years. Often used in beverages and eaten raw for its stimulating and energizing qualities, what the ancients didn’t know was how incredibly beneficial it was!

Quality dark chocolate with a 70-85% cocoa content contains fiber, copper, magnesium, zinc, and potassium to name few essential minerals and has a moderate number of calories. For all you night-owls that are looking for a small kick, dark chocolate also contains theobromine which acts as a mild stimulate without the jittery effect of caffeine.  One of the main health benefits of dark chocolate is its amazing source of antioxidants such as flavanol. Flavanol can also act as a stimulant for the production of nitric oxide which is important for effective blood flow. This leads to lower blood pressure thereby decreasing the chances of heart disease. If you’re travelling to the coast, dark chocolate could help you alleviate sun damage with its many bioactive compounds that increase skin hydration and density. Take a look at more incredible health benefits associated with chocolate consumption in moderation here.

Whether you’re a student, travelling to the coast or looking for a tasty sugar-free treat – dark chocolate and sugar-free  by Tomes will provide you with the delicious chocolate that will keep the doctor away!