They’ll love to make these chocolate reindeer and snowman barks.

In true Christmas tradition, let the snowmen and reindeer come out to play. These cute reindeer and snowmen chocolate barks can be simply created by the little kiddies at home who will have fun doing it, as well as indirectly learn some valuable skills.

The kitchen is the place where children can improve on their mathematics, tune their fine motor skills, and unleash their inner creativity whilst learning the art of multitasking in the process. Plus, nothing beats licking chocolaty fingers whilst working with the yummiest ingredient of them all: chocolate. The key rule when involving kiddies in the kitchen is to reward them with praise and even a gift to show appreciation for their creativity. The gift can be anything like chocolate lollies, Mr. Willy Wonka inspired small gold bars or the cute one-piece gift box.

How to make this chocolate bark:



  1. Firstly chop up your milk chocolate and dark chocolate into pieces.
  2. Line baking tray with some parchment paper.
  3. Heat the milk chocolate over a pan of simmering water on the stove. Do the same with the dark chocolate.
  4. Firstly pour the melted dark chocolate into the baking tray. Follow by neatly pouring the milk chocolate over the dark chocolate. Spread the chocolate evenly out using a spatula ensuring a thick layer of chocolate is formed.

For the Reindeer:

  1. The red smarties will form the reindeers’ noses, therefore, arrange the red smarties at intervals.
  2. Cut a marshmallow in half and press it above the red smartie to form the reindeer’s eyes.
  3. Break the pretzel in half to from reindeer’s antlers.

For the snowmen:

  1. Arrange whole white chocolate in lines of three.
  2. Use broken pretzel pieces for the arms.
  3. Use cut pieces of strawberry fudge to form a scarf for your snowman.
  4. Sprinkle over decorate sparkles

Lastly, allow the chocolate to set. Once set, use a fine brush and black food colouring to add details to the reindeer. You can add pupils to the reindeer’s eyes. Add buttons to your snowman. Cut out each reindeer and snowman. Cellophane each chocolate bark as the ideal gift for friends and family.

There is no hard and fast rule of how to decorate your Christmas inspired chocolate bark so allow your children to be as creative and colourful as they may like. These shards of chocolate once set become a delicious treat that you’ll find hard to resist. How will you decorate your reindeer and snowman barks? Alternatively skip the brown chocolate entirely and opt for white chocolate bark.