Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Chocolates by Tomes

Valentine’s Day on 14 February is the only day explicitly associated with one’s innermost emotion “love”. People celebrate the feeling of togetherness, intimacy, romance and above all L-O-V-E, across the universe. It literally feels like the heavens smile upon you and shooting stars cheer you on if you’re in love on this special day.

This time of the year you’ll see lovers buying flowers, cute cuddly bears, heart shaped jewellery but above all Chocolates. Chocolates are the most unifying and delectable constant yet personal gift you can receive or give.

It is believed that chocolates are the treats of the Gods, created for pure pleasurable moments. It can be paired with wine, ice-cream, cheese, strawberries or indulged as a solo delicacy. The possibilities are endless. The taste can transform your good moments to great memories with your significant other. Who knows maybe Christian Grey feeds some to Anastasia Steele this time around…

Chocolates by Tomes offer a gateway palate straight to heaven on earth, your own nirvana filled with artisanal chocolate, baked confectionaries, cakes and desserts. You can find anything from fudge to truffles, nice sugar and spice products and even gift boxes and hampers. We actually have sugar free chocolates, now how awesome is that?

So charm your Valentine with the best raw chocolates and chocolate products available.

our Valentine's Day range