Women's Day Competition

Attention ladies! This Women’s Day, win chocolates, bubbly, wine tasting and dessert for two.

This Women’s Day we decided to team up with Cassia Restaurant and Nitida Wine Farm to give you the opportunity to celebrate being a woman in a truly  decadently, indulgent fashion.

If you live in the Cape Town area and you are 18 years or older and a woman then you are eligible to enter this exciting competition. From the 1st to the 9th of August you can participate by completing the online entry form.

Nine winners will each receive:

  • A 24 piece chocolate gift box by Chocolates by Tomes you can choose between the Classic, Dark or Mystique Collections.
  • A specialty treats uniquely crafted for women’s month by Cassia Restaurant, the Trio of Chocolate dessert for two.
  • And from Nitida winery a bottle of bubbly, The Dracks MCC 2016
  • Finally, each winner will be spoiled with a wine tasting experience for two at Nitida.


In Celebration of women, Head Chef Barend Gouws and his team at Cassia Restaurant have created a special dessert. The dessert is inspired by the amazing chocolate Richard and Lorraine are producing at Chocolates by Tomes.

From the chocolate, Barend identified aromas of berry, tobacco and delightful cocoa with flavour notes of vanilla, sweetness and rich cocoa. Barend wanted to pack all of these wonderful aromas and flavours into his exquisitely divine dessert.

Barend didn’t stop until he had perfected his dessert until, the aromas promised indulgent temptation and the flavours rocked his palate.

So what’s for dessert?! A trio of chocolate indulgence, complexity, and delight.
The truffle is a balance of intensity and lightness, a trademark of every woman Barend says. The dark, bold, intense filling is complemented with a sweet and inviting exterior, defining the complexity and subtleties of femininity.

Barend continues the theme of subtle complexity with the second component of his dessert; a flourless milk chocolate tart that embraces the rich, full cream flavours of the milk chocolate, giving way to a well-balanced textured base of subtle meringue crumble.

The encore to this dessert is a sublime expression of the spice women add to those around them; rum and white chocolate ice cream, where whiffs of vanilla, spice and rum dance and mingle together in a tango of exotic promise.

Barend hopes to leave you breathless!

As one of the Trio partners in this Women’s Day Competition, Nitida, a family-owned winery pays tribute to their “Matriarch”. Their very own iron lady nicknamed: The Dracks. About their “Matriarch” they say: “she was as strong as the nuances of chai biscotti that you get from each sip and as loving as the wonderful appelstrudel that lingers afterwards”. In memory of Peta’s Mother, they print her photograph on top of The Dracks’ cork.

This August, think of three things that represents the woman in your life and make it triple as memorable! With Chocolates by Tomes, Cassia Restaurant and Nitida it sounds like a heavenly sweet and bubbly experience for all!

Our Women’s Day Competition closes 9 August so enter, and tell your friends to enter too. The lucky winners will be announced on the 13th of August.

Entries are now closed.

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